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Driven to aquire knowledge, this is the simplest answer to finding truth. The missing link searched after but requiring exposure to David’s quauntum language explains how the knowing that something was missing from the body of knowledge extant until his call to answer this language disparity.

To explain briefly, I managed to become a master mason after six weeks of study, I utilized my mathematical aptitude to chart a course using machine tools a the vehicle to move through metallurgy while working as a secretary of a Masonic lodge. I was simply using machining with computers so that I had constant access to develop a knowledge of the various religions history trying to discover the common theme all the while sustaining the soul felt belief that in the mathematics was the truth. I traveled to research and find these answer using the position of secretary to allow working in the Scottish and Yorkright lodges looking for arcane knowledge systematically researching the history of symbolic Masonary eventually leaving the lodge to travel in the path of spiritual development. Digital knowledge was my domain to find the answers and research led me to Quantum language. This is a orderly method to find those secrets lost until the language was deciphered by David Wynn:Miller’s work. Now for the first time the answers sought can be explained and to have these answer and the intuition of the knowledge is to be aquired and understood leaving only the task to follow in David’s path.

This is not the common bio but is a better explanation of why I have arrived to this juncture is but a stop on a bigger path that is unknown but for the knowledge it is to be done to experiance the next step beyond quantum language.

I will add that I am saddened by my late arrival as it would have been better to have been able to met and learned from David but this may prove to be to traumatic to accomplish so I will delve into this as with all my previous episodes and find a part of the esoteric seven knowledges of the Master Mason is by oath to learn and use it to help others in the same knowledge as we ride this vessel known as Earth.


Steve Taylor

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